Italy Is Seriously Dependent On The Russian Gas

Europe and Italy can not operate without supplies form Russia, regardless of the increase in supply in the energy market. If the delivery of Russian gas to Italy is suspended, they will be forced to declare a state of emergency within 15 days. The share of Russian gas in Italy is 37%. It is a little smaller in Germany, about twenty eight percent. Other European countries could survive even less than a week, as needed by Italy.

The European Union has tried to unite all gas pipelines from Adrica, Asia and Europe, to provide gas supplies to the entire continent. The exact same strategy has Russian “Gasprom”, which develops infrastructure for liquid natural gas. The supporters of the Russian gas are Hungary, Austria and Germany, while the countries of North Europe and the Baltic States, as well as some countries that are in the south of the continent, are opposed.

Even since the offer in the gas market has significantly increased in Europe, Russian gas remains irreplaceable for us, among other things, because it is least expensive. In Russia they know that Europe can not do business without Russian gas, but Russia also needs European energy contracts.

Russian GasIn December 2017, Italy declared a state of emergency in the gas supply sector after an explosion at a hub in Austria caused a disruption in the delivery of this fuel. The Italian government has announced that the missing quantities will be recovered from the reserves. Delivery of gas from Russia was interrupted in Austria after the fire and will be insured from its own reserves. At that time, one person was killed and 18 were injured in a fire 50 km east of Vienna.

The step towards supplying liquid gas from the Qatar and the United States is serious for Europe, and that is only as an alternative to a state of emergency such as this in Austria. LNG is quite expensive. This would cost fifty to seventy percent more than a gas pipeline. And it even isnt required in large quantities due to technical problems. So, Washington has no chance of pulling Russia out of the European market.


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