Israel – Cyprus – Turkey: All About That Gas

Israel has decided to enter the race for the gas market in Europe. For this purpose, he already has an ambitious project on the construction of two gas pipelines, which should be completed by 2025. Where big money is in the game, there are also risks. Turkey is already sounds gathering weapons, Greece supports its compatriots in Cyprus, and Isreal tries to sit on two chairs.

That gas has become one of the most important items in the world – shows the case with the Israeli gas pipeline. The Leviathan oil well, which was discovered a few years ago, is the largest in the third millennium, with stocks of 450 billion cubic meters of gas. Israel, from the importing country of this important energy source, has become its exporter. He already exports to Jordan and is now preparing to win the European market.

israel gasAt the beginning of 2017, Italy, Greece, Israel, and Cyprus agreed to build an “Ist Honey” gas pipeline connecting the “Leviathan” and sculptural gas well “Afrodita” (supply of 127 billion cubic meters of gas) with the Italian city of Brindisi. Italian company “Eni” has discovered the gas well “Zor” with 850 billion cubic meters of gas in the Egyptian coast, which can also be connected to this gas pipeline. The length of the pipeline “Ist Honey” will be more than 2 thousand meters long and will be the longest gas pipeline in the world. It is assumed that the pipeline’s flow will be 16 billion cubic meters of gas annually, which coincides with the strength of a single “Turkish Stream”, which Russia plans to deliver to Europe. Of course, this project is also helped by the European Union.

The second part of the project is a gas pipeline that would go from Cyprus to Turkey and which is not exactly the will of Nicosia and Athens. This gas pipeline could be cheaper, since it is only necessary to pull the pipeline from Cyprus to Turkey, and from here the gas “South Gas Corridor” through the Balkans will arrive in Europe.


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