Turkey Among The Countries With The Highest Economic Growth

The Turkish president said that the Turkey which did not attract investors is just a bitter past from the past. He pointed out that since 2009, the EBRD has acted as a close partner to Turkey in numerous projects, especially in the field of private sector development.

TurkeyHe added that in the framework of cooperation with this bank, Turkey has so far used close to ten billion euros of cash, stressing that during the last three years the EBRD invested most in Turkey.  It is undoubtedly that the EBRD has a share in the success achieved by Turkey. It primarily refers to the business environment in this country as well as to the private sector that is extremely open to dynamic development. Turkey certainly has very effective cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development development. The Turkish president stressed that the signed agreement further strengthened the stable cooperation with the EBRD, and he added that Turkey will further strengthen the development assistance policy by the “Donor Fund”. He recalled that Turkey has recorded great economic results in recent years.

Turkey, however, has not yet got rid of the ideological attitudes of some credit rating agencies. These agencies, despite the improvement in Turkey, continue to pursue ideological appearances. Unfortunately, these agencies go to the point that due to the ideological stance they are ready to say that there is no stability and confidence in Turkey. But Turkey is not such a country.

In 2018 even more decisive

Turkey, which used to wait outside the IMF’s door to borrow, is now a part of the past. Turkey, which was not attractive to investors, is now only a memory of the past. The Turkish economy now relies on very solid foundations, so grew by eleven percent in the third quarter. In 2018 the government will be even more determined to continue the trend of economic growth. The data show that last year Turkey was at the very top of the countries that achieved the greatest economic growth in the world.

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