Sener Akturk

Şener Aktürk is an Associate Professor of International Relations at Koç University in Istanbul and the author of the book, Regimes of Ethnicity and Nationhood in Turkey, Russia, and Germany. As an expert and especially focused on nationalism, ethnicity, and religion, with a special look in Turkey, Germany, and Russia, he came up with the regime ethnic change theory, which is covered in his book named “Regimes of Ethnicity and Nationhood in Germany, Russia and Turkey”, for which he was awarded in 2013 with book prize “Joseph Rothschild”. Mr. Sener published also on politics of identity in different regions, such as Central Asia, Greece, Afghanistan, and others. His current work encompasses projects on nationalism and religion, such as consequences of Greek-Turkish population exchange and most current a project that came out of global survey on policies on religious diversity and state policies on ethnic diversity, and different other works tied to nationalism and religion.

About the book

Sener AkturkThe main takeaway from this work is his concept of “ethnicity regimes” that made a great contribution to ethnic studies, covering state policies in three countries in the great amount of detail and depth. In this comparative overlook of reformation and formation of nations, it is shown how ethnic regimes respond to crucial turns of new elites coming to power at the beginning of the 21st century, by studying specific discourses and grievances in modern histories of the twentieth century in these three countries. This book, that looks into social trends and language and combines it with history. shows how politics and relations change drastically in the course of very long time under regimes that are highly rigid. The book, Regimes of Ethnicity and Nationhood in Germany, Russia, and Turkey, explains how the definition of what it was to be German, Turkish or Soviet changed drastically. How Germany’s citizenship law was changed, how SSSR’s ethnic origin was removed from their passports and television started to host minority language broadcast in Turkey, after so many decades. The book explains the change in ethnic policies in states, how they came to be and why they were successful.


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