10 Countries With The Highest Natural Gas In The World

The world’s demand for liquefied natural gas is on the rise, according to research, which is why even the leading countries on the list of countries rich in these fossil fuels will increase production.

After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan’s demand for the purchase of liquefied natural gas has increased, and he was previously the world’s largest buyer of this gas. Today, it buys 3.3 trillion cubic meters and is expected to buy up to 5 trillion by 2035.

Most gas-producing countries will increase production, and Russia will increase its production three times to meet all the needs in 2035.

These are the countries with the greatest potential when it comes to natural gas:


This country has the potential of 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas. At present, Algeria accounts for 2.37 percent of natural gas reserves.


Venezuela owns nearly five trillion cubic meters of natural gas and now accounts for 2.62 percent of world reserves.


This African country has 5.25 trillion cubic meters of gas and currently accounts for about three percent of proven natural gas reserves.

United Arab Emirates

Although it may seem that this country has more gas, United Arab Emirates is currently making 3.19 percent of natural gas reserves with its six trillion cubic meters.

United States

The United States is not only a big consumer but also a gas producer. This country owns 6.93 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, which makes 3.64 percent of the reserve.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia owns 7.46 billion cubic meters of gas and accounts for almost four percent of the world’s reserves.


Turkmenistan has a little more gas and with 7.5 trillion makes, it makes 3.95 percent of proven reserves of natural gas.


Far ahead of the previous countries is Qatar, which has proven reserves of 25.47 billion cubic meters of gas. This country occupies almost 13.5 percent of total gas reserves.


Iran has almost 30 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. This country accounts for as much as 15.57 percent of proven reserves.


Russia is unbeatable when talking about the amount of natural gas. This country has the highest natural reserves – as much as 47.57 billion cubic meters, so Russia makes up over 25 percent of natural gas reserves in the world.


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